The Washington Oktoberfest

Codex Manenssis n Oktoberfest in Washington State? Are you serious?


Well, actually… no. That’s wrong.

To be totally honest there is not one Oktoberfest - there are many of them. The exact number of Oktoberfests just around Seattle might be somewhere between two and six. And last weekend, as a way to cope with Unknown codex the sad feeling of not being able to be in Munich this year for the real thing, we visited one of those American copies. And let me tell you: it wasn’t that bad at all.

A very nice surprise about Seattle for the average “American - beer - just - sucks - Give - me - my - Franziscaner” pre-biased European visitor is the high number of micro breweries that exist in the state. They are very small… but some of the beers they produce are as tasty as they can be. These local breweries (a few of which I don’t believe have the resources to bottle their beers) tend to get together in big public events to sell their beers to the attendants. So take one of these micro-brewery summits, add a couple of big tents, a music band, the omnipresent hot-dog and hamburger stands (this is the US, after all), a little German touch with the decoration here and there…and there you go, an Oktoberfest Washington style.

Needless to say, the possibility to try so many different beers in such an easy way is the best thing about the entire event. The idea here is not to drink 5 litters of the same Helles, like in the real Oktoberfest, but to try 100 ml of 30 different beers. That is of course in theory. In practice people tend to get excited with the first samples and by the 10th beer they try they are basically drunk.

Unknown codexSome of the beers are excellent (especially the dark ones), whereas some others I just can’t drink. You also have many different flavored ones: hazelnut, pumpkin, raspberry… Worth mentioning too are the so-called Hoppy Beers, aka beers with a high percentage of hops. They can be very tasty (and believe me, that statement is a real complement as it is coming from a person who does not really like bitter beers), and they assure you a nice grass-like taste for the next 50 burps…

To end with, here you have a few links to pictures for you to note the similarities and differences between the Munich and the Washington versions of the Oktoberfest.

1.- In the WA version there is also a music stand, but it is kind of different from the German ones.

2.- The Bavarian, wooden tables and benches are not so popular here. And the tents are open!.

3.- Helles and Weissbier are very boring names for beers in the WA version. Not to speak of the logos… a fat monk is too ordinary.

4.- Brezn’ gehoeren einfach dazu. But no waitresses with baskets walking arround and selling them to the people.

5.- It does not matter that the tents are open- it is totally forbidden to smoke inside them. If you want to smoke, go to the smoker corner… which literally is a corner.

6.- No big boobed waitresses to order the beer from. Get to the next counter and ask for it yourself.

7.- Of course no matter what kind of Oktoberfest it is, the final result is always the same. Some people being happy…and some others being silly.


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