Why Singapore Airlines rocks (even in economy)

Codex Manenssis

n a long, transoceanic flight the attention that the airline pays to details is what really defines the traveler’s experience. Details like the ones I had the possibility to experience in my last trip in economy class from San Francisco to Singapore:

  1. Lots of room for your legs… and even more important: for your elbows. I don’t have to hurry and lay my arm on the arm rest before the person sitting next to me does because there is room for both people.
  2. Travel toothbrushes and toothpaste for free in all the bathrooms. Plus mouthwash, floss, perfume and lotion, all for free.
  3. Travel socks, eye covers and good quality headphones.
  4. More than 50 movies, 75 TV series and 40 documentaries to choose from. More than 100 radio channels including a dedicated and interactive audio channel with all the hits in the UK and USA lists since 1950.
  5. Huge multimedia, panoramic screen twice as big as the ones in other airlines, with input for external audio and video signal, plus a usb port (you can bring your own movies in the usb stick, plug it and watch them in the screen)
  6. Individual electrical socket in every seat so that you can plug in your laptop or phone. No need to worry about running out of battery on those extra-long flights.
  7. Real menu to choose from for every meal with more than 4 possibilities. Food actually does not taste like airplane crap.
  8. Free, 2 hour city tours in Singapore to make up for a  long stop over.

While many airlines treat their economy passengers as cattle, others try to make them get the most out of their flight experience. That’s why Singapore Airlines will be my first choice next time I flight across the Pacific.


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