Hiking in Washington State

Codex Manenssisegardless a few showers here and there (this is Seattle, after all) and a couple of nasty windy days in September the weather has been really nice since we steped out of the plane.

“Enjoy this, guys, for the winter is very long and grey up here”, say the locals wherever you go. Well, I don’t know if winters are better or worse here than in Munich, but just remembering the last winters in Bavaria gives me the shivers… so we decided to take advantage of the Sun La Cite de Dieu Codex and go hiking the last two weekends. Plus, the green mountains around Issaquah had been calling us since we came here, and their neverending forests, with the multitude of yellows, oranges and browns that the Fall has brough along never looked more appealing and beatiful

Amanda has found a website to sign up for social events that people organize, and outdoors activities seem to be very popular in it. So we just joined one group and we’ve taken two hikes with them: Twin Falls (not very demanding but with breath-taking lanscapes) and PooPoo Point (longer and more difficult, specially because we got a bit lost on the way up). And I tell you guys one thing: The landscape in this part of the state is just wonderful. La Cite de Dieu CodexThere are neither wild cows nor little huts to gulp down a Apfelschorle like in the Bavarian or the Austrian Alps, but other than that they totally play in the same league. Here you have a few links to some pictures I took in the hikes:

1.- This is TwinFalls, which is named after the beautiful waterfall hidden in the deep and misty forest.

2.- Storms can be pretty nasty around here, especially in winter. This huge tree fell down during a snow and windstorm last year.

3.- The rivers and torrents comes directly from the top of the Cascades Mountains.

4.- A few people of the group were geocaching. And this is what we found.

5.- To go to PooPoo Point in our second hike we had to get up early, which was totally noticeable in some faces La Cite de Dieu Codex

6.- We got lost in our way up, but eventually we made to the top, from where it was possible to see Mount Rainier, one of the tallest peaks in the US. And an active volcano.

7.- On the top there were a few paragliders.

8.- The town of Issaquah with Lake Sammamish at the back.


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