Enjoying the Snow

Codex Manenssisn the last days we´ve been taking advantage of the snow in the mountaind around Issaquah: We went snowshoeing in a beautiful sunny morning and then we tried night-tubing to celebrate Danielle’s birthday.

I never really liked snowshoeing. After a horrible experience in the Alps a few years ago I promised myself no to go snowshoeing again in my entire life. During  all these years the bad memories of that day were enough to give me the shivers everytime I heard the word “snowshoeing”. But since Amanda has been insisting so much on giving it another shot we got brand new snowhoes at IRA and went to Snoqualmie Pass to give them a try. And it was really worthwhile. The weather was awesome… and the snow just perfect. I’ve never seen snow cristals that big! And I learned that you can enjoy snowshoeing with many parts of your body other than your feet.Codex Stammbuch Christoph von Haugwitz, 1540, Heidelberg

Tubing is like sleding but on top of those huge air tubes (hence the name :-) ). It’s a lot of fun. And we did it at night! Many places around Issaquah offer the possibility to go sking at night… and let me tell you that it is a whole new experience than with daylight. We definitely gotta try that. But for the moment all we’ve done is tubing. How does it feel like? Here you have the video I took in one of my runs. A real adrenaline boost!


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  1. ~marion~ Says:

    Wow ! Cool ! I’d love to try the tube thing out… Nice pics of you walk in the snow, I’m jealous ;-)

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