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Some more pictures from 2008

Monday, February 9th, 2009

Codex Manenssis have been very busy with work lately and I haven’t had much time to blog :-( . But what I finally got to organize last years’ pictures, and I found some nice ones I thought I should post here. You know, better late than never.

In October we had a wonderful birthday-weekend in San Francisco. We went to the (in)-famous Alcatraz island, took the typical pictures in the prison, rode the cable car, and walked around the city. But the best thing was when we rented a tandem bike and rode along the beach all the way down to the Golden Gate bridge. I was so excited about crossing the bridge on the bike that I took a small video with my camera. Lots of fun!

In November we took a hike to Snowlake before the weather got all nasty and rainny. The landscape is absolutely awesome up there - it really reminded me the Alps in Germany. We also went up to mount Si, which is the mountain you could see on the TV series Twin Peaks (yes, it was filmed over here). The nice thing about mount Si is the birds on the summit, which you can feed nuts from your own hands. I am really looking forward to this summer to be able to go hiking again. But this time I will bring my fishing rod with me… I am sure there’s gotta be some big trout in those lakes. :-)