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Back in New Amsterdam

Monday, December 17th, 2007

Codex Manenssise made it to New York for the second time in two years and I was glad to see that everything was so chaotic, stressful, exciting and impressive as I remembered from the last time. I just love this city.

We only had a short time here, though, since I had to take a business trip to Princeton and stay in NJ over the weekend. But with the Big Apple so close it was difficult not to go for a quick bite, even if it was just for a couple of days.

Part of the Christmas decorations were already up, and many of the shops, parks and buildings were wonderfully illuminated. It was very easy to feel Christmas in the air… or at least the commercialized part of it :-)

As usual, here you have a few pictures that we took during the two days:

1.- This is St. Paul’s Church, the oldest building in NY. It is just a few meters away from the place where the Twin Towers used to stand, and in 9-11 its graveyard with all the 17th and 18th century tombs were totally buried in debris, computer stuff and pieces of office furniture. The church itself did not get damaged because all the trees around it protected it from the falling objects.

2.- We did not have time to visit Miss Liberty this time, but we did say Hello from a distance

3.- The southern part of Manhattan, Unknown Codexwhere only a few buildings, and a couple of old ships, anchored at the decks remain for the visitor to remember that New Amsterdam was founded here almost 400 years ago. 

4.- A glance on Brooklyn, and the famous Brooklyn Bridge from Manhattan. We took a quick walk over the bridge to see the sunset and the typical night scene of NY.

5.- Christmas street decorations and Christmas market at Columbus Square (Question: If the statue of Columbus in Barcelona is pointing to the American continent… where the hell is this Columbus statue pointing to?)

6.- One of my favorite spots in NY: Times Square. It is here where one of the classic walks in NY starts, heading north all along Broadway until reaching Central Park

7.- It wasn’t as cold as the last time we were here, but the lake in Central Park was already partly frozen. Walking through this park is a must. It is almost incredible that such a peaceful and quiet piece of land is actually in the heart of Manhattan.  For example: this is Strawberry Fields, the part of the park right in front of the beautiful Dakota building where John Lennon used to live. He was assassinated in the main entrance of the building, just a few meters away from the park, and the gardens in front of the building got their name as homage to the ex- Beatle. Here you can see the memorial in the center of Strawberry Fields.

8.- We also visited the famous Museum of Natural History. It’s really huge, almost gigantic, so with the little time we had we just focused on the dinosaur exhibitions and the oceanic rooms.Codex La Bouquechardiere, France, ca. 1400

I could not imagine myself living in NY for a long time. I guess it’s just too big for me… not to mention the financial perspective to the whole idea of living in a super expensive city. But I could not imagine myself getting tired of visiting it either. There’s nothing like NY anywhere else, and although it might be a bit exaggerated when people affirm that it is the capital of the World, it’d be one of the serious candidates of there had to be one.


Overwhelmed by Facebook

Thursday, December 13th, 2007

Codex Manenssisalways thought that web applications such as Linkedin or Xing were very powerful networking tools worth taking into account when developing or maintaining your professional contact portfolio. I even welcomed the idea of using Facebook capabilities not only for professional purposes but also for more personal and friendship oriented aspects -that is probably the reason why I like the latter much better than the first two, and I happen to find myself logging in Facebook more often than in Linkedin or Xing.

But as my friend list in Facebook got longer and longer so did the number of comparison requests, reminders, wall writings, messages, updates, notifications, pokes, invitations, status changes and whatever Codex La Cité de Dieu, France, 1475whatchamacallits the tool and its addins offer. Every time I log in Facebook my home page is literally a mess with the infinite number of new feeds that get populated like rats and that I am supposed to go through in order to keep up with my cyber-social life. Many people don’t even send emails or chat anymore as they used to do before, but channel all their internet communication through Facebook. And things get worse: they don’t even send messages as replacement  of good ol’ emails, but write in people’s walls giving away any kind of privacy they might have (man, I have to wonder if they do that in order to show everybody else how cool their social life is…).

C’mon, guys! This is a way too much Facebook for me. Sorry but don’t count on me to turn that application into the cornerstone of my internet world. I’ve neither time nor interest to do that. I’ll definitely log in every now and then to keep my profile and friend list updated, but nothing else. Call me a relic or a conservative laggard, but if you’re up for a nice, private email or for a exciting, real time chat… go and find me in gmail or msn messenger.

Or even better, we can meet in person next time we are around and have one of those nice face-to-face conversations human beings like to have with each other over a beer or a coffee.



Monday, December 3rd, 2007

Codex Manenssis de qué forma. Nos levantamos por la mañana el sábado y alucinamos en colores al ver esto y esto desde el dormitorio. La situación era para aprovecharla, así que nos fuimos a hacer un poco el cabra por las montañas de los alrededores de Issaquah. Los bosques y las cascadas eran cómo de cuanto de hadas; casi que sólo faltaba David el Gnomo en trineo de ratones… Aqui teneís un par de fotos de los aguerridos montañeros.

A ver si con un poco de suerte podemos empezar la temporada de snowboard y ski unos de estos días :-)